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Just in from Circus Records: An empowering collab from Phocust, The Living Proof

The song's core symbolizes the 'Solid Ground' we build our lives on, and the inspirational message behind our quest to withstand challenges.

In the ever-evolving landscape of electronic dance music, Circus Records continues to stand tall as a foundational brand. For the last decade-plus, it has been consistently delivering cutting-edge tracks that push the boundaries of creativity.

Just released on the label is Solid Ground, a colorful collaboration between Phocust and The Living Proof.

This vibrant track not only pays homage to the classic UK vibes of the label's roots, but also injects a modern, uplifting energy that resonates with audiences across the globe.

Phocust and The Living Proof are two prominent names in the EDM scene. This collaboration dives into profound themes embedded within the musical layers.

The collaboration carries a unique backstory, as Phocust and The Living Proof's friendship flourished after Phocust's move to Los Angeles. This camaraderie and shared passion for colorful bass music undoubtedly played a role in the synergy of Solid Ground.

"I was so hyped to finally lock in a collab with The Living Proof," Phocust said. "The track's title, Solid Ground, was carefully chosen to reflect its inherent power and authority."

Drawing inspiration from a parable in the Bible, Phocust was inspired by the idea of building one's life on a strong foundation. The track's universal message prompts introspection: what are we building our lives upon, and will it withstand the trials and tribulations that life inevitably brings?

The Living Proof said he started writing this tune with Circus and Phocust in mind.

"I really wanted to capture the oldschool melodic feel but with a modern edge," The Living Proof said.

This sentiment is evident in the song's dynamic arrangement, where color bass blends into a euphoric-sounding landscape.

The track's ability to evoke both nostalgia and forward-thinking energy proves that Phocust and The Living Proof understand and respect the roots of their genre, while also pioneering it in new ways.

Circus Records, as the platform for this gem, constantly reaffirms its position as an industry leader. With a legacy of fostering innovation, the label's commitment to nurturing young talents continues to appeal to listeners.

As listeners dive into the layers of Solid Ground, they're invited to contemplate their own foundation and find solace in the music's beat, much like the solid ground it represents.


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