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Kayzo brings the Doghouse to Tampa for World Circuit 2022 at Ritz Ybor

The rocktronic legend, Kayzo, is bringing his tour to the iconic Tampa venue on Friday, June 17 to complete the last show before his anticipated LP, "New Breed,” releases on Welcome Records June 24.

Two years in the making, Kayzo has announced his junior album with 20 tracks, blurring the lines between rock and electronic music. He has teased collaborations with Cray, ATLiens, PhaseOne and Jiqui, alongside already-released singles with GHØSTKID, Siiickbrain and Conner.

We have come to expect genre-bending and neck-breaking music from Kayzo — this show should be no different. Whether it's a metal track, a dubstep slapper or some thumping hard dance, the energy will never stop.

While there have been a few upcoming “New Breed” tour dates, including Denver’s Mission Ballroom, Kayzo did just announce a show in Los Angeles on December 3, so keep eyes peeled for a venue announcement in the coming weeks and months.

When the doghouse rolls into town, be ready for all the bark and all the bite.

You don't want to miss this. Trust us, we're the FBI.


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