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Kuhlosul's 'Warrior of the North' EP hits hard on SubCarbon Records

Prepare for an EPic ride

The FBI HQ is buzzing with excitement as Kuhlosul drops his highly anticipated debut EP, 'Warrior of the North,' on Ganja White Night's SubCarbon Records.

This release is a milestone for both Kuhlosul and SubCarbon Records, bringing us some of the freshest sounds in the bass scene.

While Kuhlosul has dropped singles like 'Ridiculous' and a collab with Jalaya Ripcørd on SubCarbon, Warrior of the North marks his debut EP with the label.

SubCarbon has a reputation for spotlighting some of the most innovative artists in the bass music scene, and Kuhlosul is a perfect fit.

In a recent conversation with Kuhlosul, he shared his enthusiasm about this new release, describing it as a significant milestone in his career.

"This EP really encompasses the next step in my musical journey with songs that I feel are a new sound but still have characteristics of the Kuhlosul people know and love!" Kuhlosul said. "I'm super excited to finally release these tracks. They are definitely some of my favorite works to date!"

For fans, this blend of innovation and familiarity promises an exciting listening experience that stays true to the essence of Kuhlosul's unique style.

Kuhlosul's fascination with Viking culture is a central theme of Warrior of the North EP. He explained, "I have always had a fascination with Viking culture and I wanted an excuse to have long hair and a big bushy beard, so Vikings were a good option."

This theme not only influences the aesthetic of the EP but also infuses the music with a sense of adventure and rugged intensity. The name Kuhlosul itself is a phonetic play on the word "colossal," reflecting the grand, powerful nature of his sound.

Like many of us, Kuhlosul’s journey into EDM and dubstep was heavily influenced by some of the greats.

“Skrillex definitely was the one to really get me into EDM and dubstep (cliché, I know),” said Kuhlosul. "but other than that I really love Eptic, Quix, Control Freak, Krischvn, & VRG!"

Kuhlosul’s Warrior of the North EP is a testament to his growth as an artist and his relentless pursuit of pushing boundaries. It's clear that he poured his heart and soul into this project, bringing a fresh yet familiar sound that’s bound to resonate with fans old and new.

We will keep Kuhlosul on our radar and may need to issue a citation if we ever see him in person.


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