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Last Heroes transport listeners into a dreamlike state with the release of 'Threads' EP

Mainstay artists on the Ophelia Records label, Last Heroes prove yet again why their presence is one to be reckoned with in the bass music community.

The Filthy Beat Inspectors are always listening and on the look out for the latest heavy-hitting beats in the bass music community. Recently, the walls of our departments have been housing agents who are always on the lookout for something more...something different.

With numerous releases including singles as well as collaborations on Ophelia (headed by Seven Lions), Last Heroes have cemented themselves as artists whose creation generates pieces of art time after time. With their latest release, emotional headbangers can once again rejoice with yet another monster release coming from one of the fastest growing and prominent labels in dance music today.


Last Heroes was formed by Garrett Lucero and Brian Helander in Colorado in 2016 with the hopes of creating a platform that would bring people together and remind everyone that they have a purpose in life.


Upon reading their purpose as somewhat of a mission statement, one can only hold the highest level of respect for what these two bring to the table. The name-inspired track off of this five-track EP really ushers fans into a state of euphoria by calming the nerves and conducting a melodic symphony.

Pairing the genius of Garrett and Brian with the likes of Liel Kolet, Mark Klaver and RUNN (having collaborated with other artists like Nitti Gritti, Au5, William Black) who both harmonize tracks with angelic vocals, the level of content one feels in a single moment shall not likely be matched by a culmination of others.


With support dates on two massive fall tours and multiple major festival slots (Global Dance and Lost In Dreams), 'Threads' pushes the duo's presence and vision of what dance music can encompass with great momentum.

Every track has its own range of instrumentals and level of distinctness, that is undeniable. The duo's track with Mark Klaver 'Always Like This' consists of an extended buildup by continuing the presence of their EP with ethereal melodies but in addition to the soft tunes a guitar instrumental is added to enhance the effects and message of this song. Without drawing favoritism to one single track, this entire EP contains a laundry list of emotions and feelings that are not only desired but essential. Last Heroes definitely knows how to give their already established fan base what they didn't know that they wanted.


For all intents and purposes, Last Heroes is doing this music production thing for all the right reasons. Not only do Garrett and Brian have a true passion for their art, it seems like they truly care about how this project is perceived and how it effects the listeners. Utilization of skills from years of dedication and commitment result in the likeness of artists themselves.

"Big or small, visible or not, everyone has an impact that ripples. And that impact may help others overcome a dark time, providing a light when they need it most."


We are ALWAYS listening...

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