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Lazrus, LVCiD, Grisly are causing massive violence with new collab, 'Obliterate'

This devastating combination tune is delivering heavy soundwaves to our speakers on Emengy's 'Bass Dreams' Vol. 5 compilation.

Lazrus and LVCID are here to bring audiences a violent bass tune, along with Grisly's deadly vocals, to form their new track, Obliterate.

Behind this new release, Obliterate, Lazrus and LVCID have combined heavy metal and dubstep to bring out the desires of bass heads. Along with those deliverables, Grisly helps put all the pieces together to create a masterpiece.

This song has just been released on the Bass Dreams compilation, hosted by Emengy, a label that is known by many as an advocate and supporter of the underground. This compilation serves as the fifth installment of the historic series.

Photo taken by: Briren21

Grisly said, "The track screams violence. It’s about being right at the edge of losing hope and turning things around and embracing the violence to be unstoppable."

While observing their new release track, it starts off with an ominous sound which is then followed up with some guitar and Grisly vocals. Additionally, the tune's build up is processed into a violent drop where we can feel the aggression and adrenaline. It makes us want to throw ourselves right into the pits. Due to those facts, we had no choice but to launch an investigation.

Once all three suspects were located, the suspects tried to flee from the scene of a crime for being this violent. Agents were able to subdue all three suspects and had brought them to the main HQ for questioning in regards of how they all have met each other.

Photo shot by: _Kdphoto

Lazrus mentioned that he met LVCiD through Tiktok.

Lazrus said, "LVCiD and I met through tiktok when his girlfriend found me posting my submission for the Beyond Wonderland Discovery Project Competition in 2021."

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LVCID mentioned that he DM'd Lazrus to do a collaboration.

"One day, my girlfriend and I are scrolling on tik tok and she sends me this random guy's tik tok of him playing an original song. After I heard more of his music, I decided to reach out to Lazrus via DM to ask to collaborate because his music was fire!" LVCiD said.

While still having all three under our custody, the agents took the time to ask them if there will be anymore collabs in the future. Lazrus said that 100 percent, yes, there will be a lot more to come!

On the other hand, LVCiD said Lazrus and himself are always throwing ideas around. Expect way more collabs to be released in the future, including with Grisly's deadly vocals.

With this collab being released, all three artists want to continue to provide more of their deadly combination to the crowd in the EDM industry by incorporating more metal and dubstep.

Upon my investigation, I would like to inform you all that this case has been closed and is highly recommended to check them out. With their massive violent collaboration, they have been brought to our attention.

Per usual, we are always listening.

Obliterate can be streamed on Spotify and Soundcloud via Emengy's Bass Dreams Vol. 5 compilation on Friday, November 24.

To further your investigation into Lazrus, LVCiD, and Grisly. You can follow their Instagram through the hyperlink. You can also check their Soundcloud and Spotify below; Lazrus: Spotify / Soundcloud LVCiD: Spotify / Soundcloud Grisly: Spotify / Soundcloud


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