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LAZRUS, REVCT!, & GRISLY: Controversy surrounds release of 'Brace For Impact'

A powerful collaborative track has unleashed an intense bass assault on the local scene via Jessica Audiffred's A Records

LAZRUS, REVCT!, and GRISLY have drawn attention for disturbing the peace with their latest release, 'Brace For Impact'. All three are known for their aggressive styles and are a menace to society due to having the neighborhood on edge whenever they are united.

In recent years, their new single, long in the making, blends heavy metal elements with intense dubstep beats and GRISLY's deadly vocals, delivering a perfect storm for audiences who revel in energetic, pit-inducing music. The track is hailed as a masterpiece by their fans.

Released under A Records, helmed by Jessica Audiffred, this label is renowned among underground artists and supporters.

Photo taken by: Briren21 

"I let the music speak to me. The flow fits and Brace for Impact just sounds like things are about to hit hard as you are about to be in for a ride," GRISLY said.

While evaluating their latest release, the track starts with a strong guitar backdrop overlaid by GRISLY's vocals and driven by double kicks and drums. The tension builds to a climactic drop, with GRISLY's commanding cry of "BRACE FOR IMPACT" driving fans wild. The aggressive bass has earned them notoriety and a citation from our team for its intensity.

Our agents have received anonymous tips on recent updates on their whereabouts revealing the trio being spotted in Los Angeles, California, at a McDonald's on Alameda St grabbing some food. At this point, our agents were on the way to that location to cite them. Once agents Jean-Claud and Chrissy arrived on site, our agents had spotted LAZRUS and REVCT! chowing down on some quarter-pounders while GRISLY was waiting to receive his Mchicken and fries.

Agents Jean-Claud and Chrissy approached them on site, with GRISLY receiving a citation and a summons to dubstep court. LAZRUS and REVCT! were also handled by Agent Chrissy. LAZRUS's response to the citation was less than cooperative as he gave Agent Jean-Claud a middle finger.

Photo shot by: _Kdphoto


"This new single has been in the works for a long time and it has been finished for about a year now," said LAZRUS. "We knew it had potential for a big label release and that’s why we held onto it for so long."

Photo shot by: Nisherr_


"LAZRUS asked me for ids back in 2023, and wanted to hop on metal song that was already finished," said REVCT. "However, I told him we should start something fresh. So that night, I made the first half of the song sent it to him, and we finished it within 72 hours. We both knew it needed a vocalist, but rather than paying a vocalist, Grisly offered to record vocals."

Here's a clip of legendary dubstep artist Jessica Audiffred rinsing out Brace For Impact at EDC Las Vegas.

Following their recent appearance in dubstep court, all three were discharged with a warning for their unconventional collaboration.


With this release, LAZRUS, REVCT!, and GRISLY aim to bring their unique blend of madness to the EDM scene, combining metal and dubstep. They look forward to playing major festivals like Lost Lands, Rampage, and EDC, sharing their love for music with crowds worldwide.


Upon my investigation, I would like to inform you all that this case is now closed, and we encourage you to check out their impactful collaboration.

For more updates on LAZRUS, REVCT!, and GRISLY, follow their Instagram or visit their Soundcloud and Spotify pages linked below. LAZRUS: Spotify / Soundcloud 

REVCT!: Spotify / Soundcloud GRISLY: Spotify / Soundcloud 


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