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Lineup reveal: DubStation Massacre haunts Waukegan, Illinois this Halloween

The latest heavy dubstep event features yvm3, Versa, Alienpark, ANTIHERO & more: happening October 28, 2023.

As the leaves turn to fiery shades and the air grows chill, the stage is set for an auditory inferno that will reverberate through the heart of Waukegan, Illinois.

Brace yourselves for the sonic onslaught that is DubStation Massacre, a four-stage event that promises to be the best heavy bass show in the Chicago-Milwaukee area.

Taking place October 28, this year's spine-tingling extravaganza is co-hosted by powerhouse promoters in the heavy bass scene: DubHub, Ether Presents, WubLife and more.

With a roster of riddim royalty and an arsenal of unparalleled production, the DubStation Massacre is poised to transform Halloween into a bass-drenched nightmare for attendees.

2023 LINEUP - SATURDAY, OCT. 28, 2023



Alienpark ANTIHERO



Dr. Ushuu b2b Kill Feed b2b Point.Blank




Virus Syndicate

+ many more talented artists

DubHub, known for its imprint on the heavy bass genre through merchandising, label operations and spellbinding live events, has outdone themselves with a mic drop of a lineup. They have partnered with Ether and WubLife to prove why they are the champions of the underground, especially with tastefully curated b3b and solo sets here.

One name stands out among the myriad stars gracing the DubStation Massacre lineup is ANTIHERO.

With the endorsement of dubstep luminary Excision, ANTIHERO brings a sonic experience that is nothing short of cataclysmic. This heavy bass hero's sound resonates with raw energy and masterful composition, making him the perfect choice to play these festivities.

Another stand-out set will be from Versa, who is known for puke-triggering sounds that provoke mosh pits near and far. We can't also forget to investigate ARTIX! b2b BLVNKSPVCE b2b SQISHI, a unique b3b that joins forces among three dubstep acts hot on the tour circuit right now.

Alienpark will be making his first appearance in the Chicago-Milwaukee area, and Cromatik will be delivering what he's called one of his most brutal sets yet.

When the doors of DubStation Massacre swing open, attendees will find themselves in the midst of a haunting symphony of immersive sights and sounds. DubHub's production team will have crafted an otherworldly atmosphere, with fully immersive haunted house decorations draping the entire venue.

Attendees will be transported into the depths of an audiovisual underworld with a 270 degree laser show, the largest PK Sound deployment the main room has ever seen, VOID sound on stage 2 and full production across stages.

DubStation Massacre isn't just about music; it's about bringing together a community that thrives on the love for heavy bass and the eerie, electrifying atmosphere of Halloween.

Prepare yourselves. The investigation into DubStation Massacre is officially underway. We'll see if sinister vibes are truly present this October 28 in Waukegan, Illinois.


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