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Maddelik kicks off Emengy’s ‘Queens of [e]’ comp with defeating title, ‘Welcome to Valhalla’

On Emengy’s first-ever all-female + non-binary debut compilation, Maddelik leads the charge.

Maddelik is on the rise with her latest banger, Welcome to Valhalla, out on Emengy’s first-ever women + non-binary compilation Queens of [e].

This heavy dubbed smasher sets the tone for the entire compilation, serving as a perfect recipe for everyone’s doom. Maddelik exemplifies an emerging presence in the upcoming Dubstep scene for women, putting herself on the Dubstep FBI radar.

Welcome to Valhalla commences with a menacing introduction. Gearing up its shield and clashing its swords, the track is in preparation for war. Hailing vocals are seeping in, and tension rises as the buildup comes forth. Suddenly, the calling for Welcome to Valhalla unleashes, firing out a smashing drop.

Photo by @ryvnsam

Guns are blazing and fire is burning in its nearest surroundings. Amongst the horizon comes another drop, filled with spewing lasers and an electrifying sustain, with the end of this track resulting in utter terror.

Maddelik has been gaining recognition, sharing stages with some notable Dubbed warriors such as Vastive, Muerte, Antihero, VLCN, Alienpark and Hexxa who is also featuring in the comp. Maddelik is also known for her infamous flips such as Ground Shake, Mind Control, which has been played out by ATliens, See You Drop, and more.

Be sure to follow Maddelik's latest Welcome to Valhalla along with the entire Queens of [e] OUT NOW on Emengy.


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