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"MOST WANTED" SEASON 3, Presented by Dubstep FBI

A showcase of the producers who have caught the attention of the Filthy Beat Inspectors, updated every season.

Dubstep FBI's signature tagline, We are always listening, has been the basis for discovering the hardest and grimiest beats through the bass music scene.

In season 1 we put out warrants for Codd Dubz, MIRR.IMG, Jeanie, M?stic, and FOCUSS. We received statements on their music history and the ideas behind their featured tracks.

Our goal is to continue finding those who have committed heinous crimes of murderous beats, tear-out carnage melodies, and bass-face-inducing comas of fans. The producers coming into 2022 will be the next uprise of talent and festival toppers.

This is Dubstep FBI's "Most Wanted List" of those who we see huge potential in the coming years with their music and presence in bass music.