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MVRDA's return: He's found the perfect home for his latest masterpiece

Our king makes his 'Return' to DPMO with four banging tunes, including a hot, new collaboration with Shiverz.

Dubstep ages like fine wine. Contemporary bangers get better with time, and so do their producers. Some artists leave their tasty marks in our ears, marks that never seem to go away.

MVRDA is the fine wine of dubstep. And now, he's making a triumphant come-back on one of riddim's greatest labels: DPMO (Don't Piss Me Off).

The label is now home to four brand-new MVRDA tracks as part of his EP titled, THE RETURN. Not only does it feature a collaboration called RATTLEGUN with Shiverz, but it also has two brand-spanking new tunes: HEFT and THE RETURN.

These are all in addition to the single he just dropped in November called RIOOT.

This project is pretty iconic for someone that FuntCase is calling husband material (yeah, you can check that clip out on our podcast). He had nothing but praise to sing about MVRDA's project and the fact that DPMO is home to it.

The Return EP marks the start of a new chapter of the MVRDA project. After a three-year hiatus and on the verge of leaving this permanently behind me, through the motivational support from my peers, I’ve made the decision that I am not yet finished," MVRDA said.

It's safe to say that MVRDA is back — and we're not here to talk about just that, but the stellar history and production talents of someone who we consider a thought leader of modern-day bass.

MVRDA is also known to underground fans as TOOG from TOOG & GOOT (the side account he launched back in 2015-16 as a home to his OG, square4-type sounds). Since then, he's become one of the greatest dubstep producers out of Europe with songs like Ball Licker and God of Destruction (with Subtronics).

Yeah, it's safe to say MVRDA is in our FBI Hall of Fame.

But what makes his return so special?

His sound design comes first: It's really second-to-none. MVRDA plates stay going off at massive festivals around the globe.

Case and point: Legend FuntCase saying that the decks at Lost Lands just happened to break as he was playing, "a brand new MVRDA dub plate." Coincidence? I think not.

Another reason is the sheer longevity of the man's brand. I mean, there really arent that many artists who can say they've released on NSD Black Label, Disciple Round Table, Disciple main label, DPMO, Rampage Recordings and the VOYD Vol. 1 compilation. (Gates of Hell will forever be a favorite of mine.)

These four songs are a symbol of MVRDA's long-standing greatness. He is a friend and mentor in the scene, a prodigy, and more importantly — he's your favorite producer's favorite producer.

Say that again.

I'm not going to get into the nitty-gritty, technical details of this release. Because, quite frankly, I don't have to. These four songs speak for themselves.

What you need to know is that this release gets the Filthy Beat Inspectors stamp of approval and will be going in our list for top EPs of 2023.

We commend you, MVRDA. Thank you for your service.

Stream THE RETURN on all platforms now via DPMO.


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