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MYRIAS drops new EP 'Infinity' on SubCarbon Records

Join us as we dive into the infinite possibilities with his latest masterpiece

The talented MYRIAS has just dropped a new EP called 'Infinity' on none other than Ganja White Nights SubCarbon Records. This EP is packed with powerful tracks that embody the essence of dubstep and showcase the unique MYRIAS sound.

If you're a fan of heavy basslines, mind-bending drops, and intricate sound design, you’re in for a treat.

We had the chance to catch up with MYRIAS and dive into the creative process behind Infinity. As a relatively new project, MYRIAS has been experimenting with different sounds and ideas, trying to find his own unique path in the vast world of bass music.

"With these tracks I really felt that I started to dial in the MYRIAS sound," he shared. "I had a lot of ideas about where I wanted to take my project but a lot of it just had to naturally fall into place."

It's always inspiring to see an artist find their groove and really start to shine, and MYRIAS is definitely hitting his stride with this EP. The support he’s received has been overwhelming, further cementing his place in the bass scene.

The idea behind the EP is tied to his name MYRIAS which also means infinite or numberless symbolizing the potential that exists for this project and the inspiration that created these songs.

MYRIAS's journey into the scene is nothing short of inspiring.

"The idea behind this project is new beginnings and not being afraid to take the scary step of doing what you believe in," he said. "To start this project I had to leave assured success and take a leap of faith in myself."

This leap of faith is something many of us can relate to, especially in the creative field. Despite the daily doubts, MYRIAS pushes forward, driven by the infinite possibilities his music can explore.

If you’re eager to catch MYRIAS live, you’re in luck. He’ll be playing at Toxic Summer at the beginning of July and providing direct support for Xotix’s biggest headline show in Denver on June 27th. And that’s not all—keep your eyes and ears peeled for another exciting release with Rude Service in early August.

MYRIAS is here to stay, and we can’t wait to see where his boundless creativity takes him next.


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