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Nimda has brutalized our speakers with his hybrid single, 'Kicking Off'

The UK mongrel has us riled up and wanting to break sh*t with this ferocious release on Mentis Audio.

Tearout and hard dance? You have our attention.

Nimda has emerged from the UK airwaves with an insane new tune that blends enigmatic tearout with a speedy third drop. The song's called Kicking Off, and it's out now on his imprint, Mentis Audio.

This song serves as audio cocaine, capturing Nimda's spirited stage presence and militant production style. Mentis Audio was formed nearly two years ago, at the end of 2021.

We've observed a trend of producers blending bass music with other EDM styles. Most common, the dubstep-hard dance hybrids have delightedly shocked fans. They just go off live in ways that we haven't heard before.

Nimda showcases his dynamic production talents by blending both heavy sh*t and fast sh*t together into Kicking Off.

It begins with a haunting introduction, where you can hear faint voices in the distance. The build creeps up in our body, drums beating like our hearts, into a tearout drop that hits like a hammer head.

The artwork for this song encompasses the first and second drops perfectly, as we listen, we envision a cracked-out office fight fueled by caffeine and corporate dreams. Nimda said the inspiration for this tune actually came out of a video game experience.

“I made this song because I lost at COD," Nimda said. "Some f*cker made me pissed and I had to let it off.”

The third drop becomes larger-than-life. We can't help but raise our firsts and bump them in unison. This drop reminds us of a high-speed chase through time, something of a futuristic nature where spaceships are racing through portals.

Nimda is coming off a hot summer. Highlights include his performance at Rampage Open Air and the release of his highly anticipated song, Renegade Bxstard, as a free download back in September.

While Nimda is based in the UK, his savage sound design echoes overseas. American audiences are begging to see him perform in the states, and will continue to wait patiently for his next release.


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