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OMAS, Überloud, and Dani King band together for 'Sacrifice'

Combining their heralded production capabilities, OMAS and Überloud have whipped up a melodic banger featuring the vocals of Dani King.

Combining multiple subgenres including trap and future bass, Sacrifice creates an immense landscape of sound that plunges the listener into serenity and tranquility.

While containing some heavier moments, the highlights of the track are the soaring vocals and melodies that arc throughout the track.

Omas told us that Sacrifice' is a "perfect blend between Überloud's unique melodic and heavy leads along with my orchestral sound design. Dani, as always, crushed the topline with her incredible writing that has many life lessons intertwined in all types of relationships we deal with on a day-to-day basis.“

With each new release, Omas continues to showcase the level of talent that he brings to the table. No matter the genre, he seems to be able to handily put his own twist on any track with a result that entrances listeners. We have our eyes on Omas, and most certainly will continue to keep a watchful eye on his next moves.

Sacrifice can now be streamed on Spotify and all other streaming services.


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