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OMAS, PERSES and Misdom get emotional with future bass banger 'Falling for You' on Cultiv8 Records

Slow and steady doesn't always win the race, sometimes it just makes us emotional. Exhibit A...

OMAS, PERSES and Misdom came together for an incredible collaborative escapade in melodic bass, Falling For You, out now on Cultiv8 Records.

The song starts out with a dreamy intro and an emotional vocal from Misdom that comes to a climax as he belts "I'm Falling For You."

For the first drop, we get a trap and future bass influenced melodic drop that will have you shaking in your boots from the first arpeggio while Misdom continues his standout performance on vocals.

This was the vibe throughout the song that was carefully crafted and curated by Misdom and the other two producers.

OMAS us a little bit about his excitement to work with PERSES and Misdom together on this track.

"PERSES and I had talked about working on something for awhile so I sent him the idea and with the combination of our styles worked perfectly, OMAS said. Will fit this instrumental so well and brought the track together through his incredible vocal work. Super excited to be the 5th release on my management's new label Cultiv8 Records!"

PERSES echoed a similar sentiment about working with OMAS and Misdom, along with releasing on a new label.

"I had the pleasure of working with two absolute power houses in OMAS and Misdom. It was so much fun working with these two! All three of us put so much into this track and it turned out to be something super special, PERSES said. I’m unbelievably excited to see this one release on a budding new label, Cultiv8 Records!"

You can catch OMAS this year at Lost Lands in September, but look out for PERSES as well. These two and Misdom will be making some serious waves in bass music this year.

Stay tuned for further investigations.


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