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PREMIERE: BLVK SHEEP unleashes 'SCUD!' w/ VRG via debut Bassrush EP

After a year of being played out by Excision, Illenium, Flosstradamus & more, SCUD! is finally being released to the general public.

SCUD!, an acronym for "Stop Calling Us Dubstep!" is a combination of multiple genres into a massive track that grabs ahold of listeners and doesn't let go from start to finish.

Played out in multiple sets over the past year, SCUD! hooks with an eerie intro that drops into a violent cacophony of sound.

IMMORTAL! serves as BLVK SHEEP's debut EP on Bassrush and is packed with four tracks combining a variety of genres including dubstep, trap, pop-punk and more. The full EP release is Friday, Aug. 19.

With upcoming performances at Lost Lands and Horror on Hennepin, BLVK SHEEP is primed and ready to deliver sets that will satisfy any fan.

"This EP started at the end of 2021 when I was writing a diverse project that embodies all of the types of music I like," BLVK SHEEP said. "I wanted something that was heavy and melodic, but genre-less as a collective package. You’ll hear dubstep, trap, DnB, future bass, pop-punk and those are all genres that represent the idea of where I want this project to go. Shoutout to Bassrush for believing in the project!”

VRG, who is also playing Lost Lands this year, is the other half of the collab behind SCUD! and is known for delivering grimy and hard-hitting tracks and sets that boggle the mind.

“SCUD! in simple terms is just a straight up rager tune," VRG said. "It’s one of those songs that makes you wanna go absolutely crazy each time it drops. Super grateful for Bassrush for picking this one up & Blvk Sheep for working on the tune with me, SCUD gang.”

SCUD! is premiering on Wednesday, Aug. 17 and the entire IMMORTAL! EP will be available on all platforms Friday, August 19.


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