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PREMIERE: blurrd vzn brings much needed wubs and bass with 'vital' on Wubaholics

Get a first listen to vital, one of three tracks on blurrd vzn's new 'FLEXIN' EP, which showcases an experimental bass sound.

Bringing deep wubs and massive sound design, vital is a titan of a track. Brimming with boundary pushing bass, it is a testament to blurrd vzn's skill at production and brings a new perspective to their project.

The EP is dropping on Wubaholics, a bass music collective, management agency and label that's worked with WHZLY, Ugly Lungs, DirtySnatcha and more.

When asked to comment on their EP, blurrd vzn's response was short and sweet, telling us "It's the start of a new chapter..."

With the whole EP dropping tomorrow, it's set to establish a new status quo for blurrd vzn. Each of the three tracks is a step forward for the duo, and have us wondering about the next step in their journey.

Blurrd vzn's hot streak is only beginning. Known for tracks such as Lychee on Subsidia and Big Facts with MeSo, the duo is coming off a few hot performances at Lost Lands and in LA. They are widely considered to be "up next" in dubstep.

vital and the rest of the 'FLEXIN' EP will be available for streaming on all platforms Wednesday, November 16.


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