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[PREMIERE] Karyuu and Defend team up on 'Yomi,' colorful Bass Planet banger

From across the world, these two artists have masterminded a utopian track for Bass Planet's SYZYGY 02 compilation.

To the stars and beyond, Bass Planet has pulled two of our favorite color producers together through the return of their SYZYGY compilation.

No stranger to the FBI, both Defend and Karyuu have been under investigation this past year. This time, they joined forces to create Yomi, an otherworldly creation that servers as a unique nod to their creative abilities.

Dropping via Bass Planet's SYZYGY 02 Compilation, the Occult disk dabbles in the melodic sides of riddim and dubstep. The full compilation will be published on August 16 across all streaming platforms. Bass Planet is a media company and record label based out of Toronto, Ontario.