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REAPER sprints into action with 'XLR8'

REAPER cranks up the velocity with his new bass-heavy track release out now on Bassrush Records.

"DnB Til I Die!" Steadily establishing himself as the king of DnB in the USA, REAPER is back again with this heavy-hitting slammer of a track.

XLR8 is REAPER's latest banger, bridging the gap between DnB and heavy dubstep with his classic gritty sound that's sure to make one bump to the beat. There's only one way to describe XLR8, and it is that the track will absolutely have you skankin' about.

Before you listen to this track, we warn you to not listen if you're unable to get down. This is due to the euphoria that comes from listening to it. XLR8 requires you to get wild and crazy, dancing your heart out. The track is a love letter about the relationship between dance and DJ, allowing us to see inside REAPER's mind.

REAPER told us, "XLR8 is about how bodies in motion don't only stay in motion, they easily accelerate AND inspire other bodies to move. ALL GAS NO BREAKS. If we're all moving and dancing, we can become an irresistible and unstoppable force."

REAPER is a unique act seeing as he supplies listeners with his own style of DnB unlike anything else we've ever seen. With the project only being two years old, it is a testament to his talent that he has already accomplished everything he's done so far.

With a massive festival season in 2021 that included playing at EDC Las Vegas, Lost Lands and Nocturnal Wonderland, we are sure to see him at a myriad number of festivals in 2022. REAPER was also a part of Kayzo's tour last year, and he is continuing to support Kayzo this year on the 'New Breed' tour.

We were lucky last year to catch both REAPER's Circuit Grounds and Corona Beach sets at EDCO. And hearing XLR8 live, the crowd response was massive. Who is the man behind the mask? Keeping his mysterious aura alive by continuously donning his trademark look, we can see big things in REAPER's future as he continues to grow and spread his own brand of DnB across the country.

If you manage to catch REAPER in your area, you're in for a treat, as seeing him live is an inexplicable experience that requires you to witness it in person to understand.

XLR8 is available now on all streaming platforms.

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