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Shizz Lo goes interstellar with an official remix of 'Unidentified Flying Objects.'

35 hand-picked artists and Shizz Lo's remix was identified on ATLiens' radar.

Shizz Lo is back again with an official remix for one of the hottest acts in the bass music scene right now, ATLiens. The official remixes are out today on all streaming platforms. 35 artists were selected by ATLiens to put their style on their track, and Shizz Lo delivered. He is easily recognizable as the man with the sharp hairline, lined-up beard, and the big 90s glasses. Shizz Lo's "let loose" style and funky bounce-bass banger style shine in his remix of 'Unidentified Flying Object.'

As expected from Shizz Lo the track has banging synth lines, chaotic ambient sounds, and moving bassline fills that altogether make this an absolute fire remix piece. But this leaves the question of how did Shizz Lo land an official remix from the duo? Good ol' faithful Twitter connecting artists today in the digital age made this possible. When we asked Shizz Lo about the back story he had this to share with us,

"So back in early April this year I saw them post this question on Twitter 'WHO SHOULD REMIX UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECTS???' I immediately commented on the tweet because I genuinely just really love that song and wanted to take a stab at remixing it. So a couple of days later ATLiens sent me the stems while I was on vacation at a Bachelor party in Puerto Rico and I would work on the remix while everyone was sleeping at night. I then finished the remix in 3 days and posted a teaser clip on Twitter which went pretty well. I got tons of interest and feedback on the teaser and within a week or two it got approved to be an official remix. BOOM THAT'S HOW WE DO IT."

Just like ATLiens recognizing Shizz Lo's talents, we too at Dubstep FBI mark it in our investigation as a Certified Banger. Shizz Lo has been under our investigative radar since his initial screening on the Filthy Beat Inspectors podcast, and word on the streets is that he's working on some new pieces for the Shizz Lo project. Time will show what the "Ice Cream" man has up his sleeve and if he's going to melt off that old nickname with some new heat in the foreseeable future.


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