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Stayns continues his ascent with dynamic 'Headturner' EP on Bypass Audio

The Tampa-based riddim mainstay is letting loose with six brand-new tunes.

When it comes to high-energy riddim, Tampa, Florida, is where some of the underground's heaviest hitters make their names.

One of the most intriguing of these underground stalwarts is Stayns, who is making his presence felt with a brand-new, six-track EP titled Headturner. Our good friends over at Bypass Audio have graciously given the EP a home, and it's now up to us to investigate its contents.

The EP's first two tracks, Headturner and Store Brand Gummy Worms, each have a very fun, energetic vibe that gets the EP off to a fast start. The tracks' faster tempos and relentless quarter-note flows make them prime candidates for inclusion in DJ sets. These two cuts are surely going to end up on plenty of riddim DJs' USBs in the near future.

Photo courtesy of Stayns

Squonk City is a more minimal-cut that blurs the lines between a heavier brand of riddim and a more low-frequency 140 sound. The screechy lead bassline in the drops serves as an excellent complement to the groovy hi-hat pattern Stayns employs throughout the track.

Dumbcat perfectly encapsulates Stayns's signature riddim sound with high-pitched screech basslines and a high-knee-inducing quarter-note flow. This is a perfect tune for doubling and should be an absolute belter in a live setting.

Photo courtesy of Stayns

The EP's penultimate track, Um What, is a full-fledged 140 tune that shows off a different side of Stayns that he's been teasing with some of his recent releases. Upon my first listen, this track instantly reminded me of GHOST LIMP, a more minimal tune from Stayns's 2023 Metempsychosis EP. Um What shows us what Stayns is capable of beyond the scope of riddim and it's quite exciting to see.

IBOB, the EP's final offering, returns us to the classic quarter-note Stayns blueprint. The lead bassline is supplemented by a dark, atmospheric sound effect that breathes a haunting life into the track and closes out the EP on a fitting note.

Headturner marks yet another strong effort from Stayns, who has been on an impressive upward trajectory in recent years. From releasing crowd-pleasers like High Knee Tune to shutting down the cave stage at Summoning Fest just a few months ago, Stayns doesn't look to be slowing his roll anytime soon.

Stream Headturner now on all platforms.


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