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Subtronics announces 'Planet Cyclops' brand — Here's what we know

Subtronics made an announcement about Planet Cyclops on Twitter, calling it "outrageously huge."

Subtronics is at the point where everything he does blows up. From his incredibly unique music to his utopian performances, Subtronics is literally God for a lot of us.

On Friday, Subtronics introduced "Planet Cyclops" on Twitter. We don't currently have much information about the account, but it has made three posts with show announcements for upcoming dates.

It seems that Subtronics will be sharing his upcoming shows with this account, in addition to new music announcements and possibly merch drops for his website as well.

Could this be Subtronics creating his own version of Excision and "Excision Presents"? We wouldn't be surprised.

Subtronics has been on a roll lately, touring around the continent and releasing catchy remixes of major names like Galantis and Acraze.

We will continue to have eyes on Subtronics as he advances in his path to being leader of the planet with his Cyclops Army.

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