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'Sweet Shop' gets a Hamdi re-make on Circus Records, 15 years later

Hamdi's official remix of Doctor P's iconic Sweet Shop song has officially been unwrapped.

Hamdi Doctor P Sweet Shop remix

It's the year 2009.

You're cruising around high school, blasting EDM chart-toppers on 12" subwoofers with your best friends. The song playing is Sweet Shop by Doctor P.

Flash forward 15 years later and Hamdi has delivered a fantastic flashback to our youth.

No literally, this remix of Sweet Shop has us feeling like a kid in a candy shop. It has the classic piano keys and the "take me higher" vocals, but with Hamdi's fingerprints all over it.

Circus Records is our knight in shining armor, resurfacing a song that meant so much to us growing up. They're mixing one of dubstep's most classic songs with cosmopolitan shots.

“It’s an absolute honour to be able to remix Sweet Shop," Hamdi said. "It was one of the first dubstep tracks I ever heard and was a big reason I got into the genre in the first place. I wanted to make a 2024 version of the track, while keeping the energy and feel of the original.”

Sweet Shop: An unassuming backstory

Doctor P originally posted Sweet Shop on his MySpace to test the waters. The anthem quickly gained traction and changed the course of electronic dance music history forever.

Doctor P on Circus Records

This song was one of the first ever Circus Records releases, and set a striking stage for the next generation of dance music fans and producers. Over the next decade, it laid the groundwork for Circus Records to grow into one of EDM's most iconic labels.

Now, it's 2024 and we're still unwrapping this beloved throwback. Listen to Hamdi's remix of Sweet Shop for yourself and find out why this song will never die.


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