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Vastive puts a bow on 2022 with 'BLACK SHEEP' EP on Welcome

The rising, rocktronic artist drops yet another EP, saying when he first began this direction, there was pushback.

Artist growth comes with figuring out a signature sound — and one rising artist who has done that so well recently is Vastive.

Blending his own vocals with metal and electronic elements, he just dropped two new songs that capture everything we love about rocktronic. Backed by the artistic leader of blending those two sounds together, KAYZO, Vastive's new songs are out on Welcome Records.

The EP features two tracks called BLACK SHEEP and HEADSPACE, each with their own styles, lyrics and vibes.

The title track, BLACK SHEEP, leans more into the 'tronic' side of Vastive's sound, although it comes with a metal intro. Vastive has perfected a signature sound, blending elements of metal music with bass music, and the drop showcased exactly that, much like the intro.

HEADSPACE is a less traditional Vastive tune and leans more into his rock influences. While there is no bass drop, HEADSPACE still hit every bit as hard as BLACK SHEEP.

While Vastive is certainly on a path to greatness in the dubstep scene, it has not always come without criticism as his sound evolves.

He's put out a number of releases this year that showcase this new era and direction of his music, but he said those release haven't come without being misunderstood and doubted.

"This EP is the final stamp on this journey," Vastive said. "Musically and lyrically, it’s a reflection of what I’ve felt going through this transition and a statement on where I stand mentally. When I first began this new direction, I had a lot of pushback. A lot of 'this is a gamble,' 'this most likely won't work,' etc."

Even in the face of dissent, Vastive said his love for metal and bass, and the idea of combining them into harmony, was so strong that he ran with it. Now, we're seeing him evolve as a leader in the scene, gaining more and more opportunities and momentum by the day.

That point is proven via recent announcements that Vastive will be playing support for Sullivan King via the Thrones of Blood tour starting in March.

We will continue to stay locked with Vastive as he's hinted at more new music and a possible album in the works.

For a deep-dive into what he's been working on lately, watch him on our Filthy Beat Inspectors Podcast episode.


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