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Veros, Jonter snatch souls on GAWM's new label 'Murder We Wrote'

Metallic sound design and haunting laughs make up this new rail-snapper that we can't wait to hear live.

Festival snappers make the world go round. And yes, that's exactly what we have on our hands now that the new Veros and Jonter song has dropped.

Aeolus is one of many tunes just released on our homie GAWM's record label, Murder We Wrote. The compilation, Dead Valley Vol. 2, features the two rising stars who have already received support from dubstep's thought leaders (Excision, ATLiens, Hekler and FelMax, to name a few).

Already having been played out at the 2022 edition of Lost Lands, this heater slammed the Wompy Woods speakers during the Jessica Audiffred set. Veros even said this tune was inspired by the mega-talented Mexican producer, Dyatic, who is known for his song Pattern Breaker on Disciple RT.

"Aeolus is a combination of Jonter & I's signature sounds, from the atmospheric intro down to the hard hitting drops," Veros said. "The first idea I sent Jonter was inspired by DYATIC, I love their flows and wanted to do my own spin on it in which we ended up incorporating into both drops behind the heavy sustains."

Veros went on to say that both he and Jonter pushed themselves creatively and finally accomplished an honorable tune.

While Jonter's brand is fresh to the scene, it's not long until we see more of it. He's confident that Aeolus is an aggressive collaboration that festival-goers and dubstep fans will love.

"After wrapping up the drops and build ups, we knew the intro had to dramatic, hence the vocals and different atmospheres" Jonter said. "Working with Veros was awesome and needless to say I'm proud of the end product."

And while Jonter said that the end product did take countless hours of sound designing, experimenting and blending styles, he's pleased with the result.

After some investigating, our sources tell us that GAWM's new record label has only one previous release under its belt -- that being a complication that was the first installment of the Dead Valley series (vol. 1).

It's quite admirable to see established artists doing the most to elevate the upcoming talent in the scene through labels. Another instance of this INHUMAN's label, Crows Nest, based out of Germany.

And as these two upcoming artists, Veros and Jonter, continue to drop hot releases, we will always be listening and on the lookout for the next batch of bangers.


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