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Volt, Viperactive embrace being outcasts w/ 'Misfits' ft. Mikey Rotten

With $uicideboy$ vibes, Volt & Viperactive capture the rage of being abandoned by society.

Coming in fresh off the block with heavy hip-hop and trap-style beat, Misfits does not play around when it comes to channeling the feeling of being a black sheep. Heavy from start to finish, the new Volt and Viperactive collaboration elicit a violent reaction due to its provoking vocals and nasty bass.

Misfits does not play around -- Mikey Rotten's vocals are paired with the bass of the drop, capturing the energy of being rejected by society.

“I feel like everyone has an inner misfit inside of them that we all push down through our day-to-day lives," Volt said. "This song is an expression of that and hopefully will help bring that side out just a little bit while you are listening to this song on full volume.”

Viperactive himself gave more insight into the production side of things when questioned, saying "The track changed a lot of its identity a few times over during the process, but with each iteration, we got closer to what it finally became, something I think we're really proud of."

Misfits is 100% a banger, and upon release we expect it to be streamed by a captive audience seeking to identify with its lyrics. Misfits can now be streamed on Spotify and all other streaming services.


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