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VOYDOOM unveils the raw emotion of his 'PAINFULCHAOS' EP

A journey through anger and survival

VOYDOOM, the name that resonates with raw, untamed energy, has just dropped his latest EP, 'PAINFULCHAOS.' Packed with eight intense tracks, this release is a visceral journey through the tumultuous landscape of anger and survival.

Give the EP a listen from beginning to end:

When we caught up with VOYDOOM to discuss the inspiration behind PAINFULCHAOS, he revealed that the EP is deeply personal.

"My creative story behind this EP is to tell how important life could be with anger, and how anger could save you from struggles and dead ends," he explained.

This isn't just an exploration of rage for rage's sake; it's a testament to how VOYDOOM harnessed his emotions to overcome personal battles and emerge stronger.

Each track on PAINFULCHAOS is a chapter in a larger narrative about battling depression and fear.

"I put all my feelings into this album so much and forced myself to lean more forward to focus on finishing this album and give a prime example of how I survived death with creativity," VOYDOOM said.

The EP merges the sorrow and fury he felt, creating a powerful fusion that listeners can feel deep in their bones.

"In the end, death is the beginning of a new life," VOYDOOM reflected, encapsulating the transformative power of his music.

Among the standout tracks, VOYDOOM holds two in particular high regard: 'TAKE OFF' and 'SHELTER.' TAKE OFF means you kick off to anger and leave sadness behind - it is a rallying cry to rise above despair. On the other hand, SHELTER delves into the sanctuary found in music and personal connections.

SHELTER is how one person makes a difference when it comes to escape.

For fans eagerly awaiting what's next, VOYDOOM promises that PAINFULCHAOS is just the beginning. This year is set to be a prolific one for VOYDOOM, as he continues to push boundaries and share his journey through powerful, bass-heavy soundscapes.

PAINFULCHAOS is an EP that demands attention—not just for its aggressive bass and heavy drops, but for the story it tells and the emotions it lays bare. VOYDOOM has crafted a work that is as therapeutic as it is exhilarating, inviting listeners to confront their own struggles and find strength in the chaos.

Stay tuned to Dubstep FBI for more updates on VOYDOOM and other groundbreaking artists shaking up the scene. Go blast PAINFUL CHAOS and let the raw energy of VOYDOOM's latest creation inspire and empower you.


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