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Whales releases feel-good stomper, 'Addicted,' on Monstercat

The highly anticipated track has been in the works since 2021 and is just as good as we remember from Lost Lands.

As one of the most productive artists around, Whales once told us he was sitting on over 100 IDs. Now, he's appeared again with a heavy, yet melodic, tune that could not be locked away any longer.

With a blend of Whales' signatures styles across bass faucets, his latest Monstercat release, Addicted, just hit sound waves.

The drums are huge and heavy, but the basses are almost euphoric-sounding, like the well-known future bass he has produced thus far.

“I remember just finishing a show and sitting in my hotel room filled with ideas," Whales said. "I wanted to incorporate the melodic style of Whales into a heavier track. I ended up creating ‘Addicted,’ and premiered it at Lost Lands 2021. The reaction was insane, and I knew it needed to come out."

Whales said the song is really special for him because of the crowd reaction it gets every time he drops the song at live shows.

Addicted has been in the works for over a year, and I’m so excited to share it with everyone," he said. "Being able to play it again, but a year later at Lost Lands 2022 and seeing an even bigger reaction was so special for me.”

We're addicted to 'Addicted' and think you all should further investigate.


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