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Zomboy releases bass-house heater "Desperado"

The song of the summer has arrived. Dubstep legend Zomboy put out a Space Laces-esque bass house slapper to cap off his second release for Rott N Roll Records.

Zomboy is a staple name in the dubstep scene. With his world-known and pretty much-set opener Like A Bitch track for every dubstep artist during the peak 2016-2017 era, he is a strong pillar in bass music. But now, he's stepped into a new realm of sound with Desperado.

The song wastes no time getting nearly straight into the buildup before the first time we hear the ad-lib "men, always a dead man" for the first of many times. We then get a bass house drop that calls on Zomboy's expertise in sound design as well, complete with growls and perfectly crafted bass hits. This theme continues throughout most of the track and relies on its solid grooves rather than the jaw-dropping bass drops we are accustomed to from Zomboy.