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A message sent from ‘Heaven’ above: Blanke, Rival, KC out now on Monstercat

Blanke, Rival & KC ring in the new year with their latest bass track zeroing in on mental health awareness.

Blanke, Rival, and KC have sent a message from above with Heaven out now on Monstercat Uncaged.

Joining in as the next single for Blanke’s upcoming Monstercat Debut EP, Emergence, Heaven is here to bring forth mental health awareness, recognizing the importance of it.

Through this song's orchestral elements and sentimental lyrics, every kind of emotion is brought out and accepted. The three have collectively pieced this breathtaking record together to share a heartfelt message with everyone.

Heaven creates a safe space for all listeners – a space to become vulnerable and honest with ourselves, confront our feelings and acknowledge that we do not have to battle alone through our struggles.

Honing in on themes of dissociation and struggle to overcome tough times, Heaven kindly encourages us to keep moving forward, validating all emotions and being accepting to ourselves.

This is a message to all of us that reaching out for help is not a sign of weakness, but in fact, a courageous pursuit.

Gently opening with a melodic piano structure and KC’s angelic vocals, the melody takes place to what seems to be an ordinary setting, but internally, chaos is brewing. Thoughts are spiraling and feelings are indescribable with lyrics,

“How can I explain the state I’m in?”

Being familiar with this indescribable feeling, the tension progressively builds up, intensifying the bass, and heading into preparation for another uphill battle. It is soon to realize that even on the edge, this feeling is described as Heaven.

Remembering to leave it all behind, a substantial drop strikes in, incorporating dramatic basses and heavyweight components, unexpectedly taking the track to climatic war. After facing the worst yet conquering it all, the record comes back to its calm state of mind accompanied by an ascending finish.

From a sold-out headline show at Exchange LA to making appearances at infamous festivals such as Lollapalooza and EDC LV, the icon Blanke continuously establishes his reputation. With the first release on the EP, Crashing Hard, being a huge hit with over 100,000 streams, it’s no brainer that Heaven does the same.

For this track Blanke purposely structured an opposite arrangement, placing the heavier drop first, followed by a melodic drop, to depict a true representation of mental health struggles. Blanke expresses,

“I fell in love with this record from the moment I heard the bare orchestral bed that Rival sent," Blanke said. "It was such an inspiring starting point for us to create from. I wanted to switch the more common arrangement to have a heavy dubstep drop first, and then finish on a soaring melodic moment. The journey it takes you on is so exciting and it’s been such a great part of my sets.”

Keeping Rival on the radar, the legend makes a name for himself, setting the bar for bass music to a new level. Notable for his Discord server Rival & Friends, Rival pushes limits, integrating his taste of futuristic basses into this track.

Rival affirms the two by adding,

“Working alongside Blanke and KC was a great experience," Rival said. "It's special being able to integrate our individual styles into a track, and I'm super happy with how it came out. After spending time with Blanke at ADE, we put the final touches on the song and I'm super happy with how it came out. I hope you all enjoy it.”

With her symbolic voice, KC is consistent in breaking through every release she’s on, especially on her most renowned track Just Like You with Kompany.

KC thanks everyone with kind words saying,

Heaven is a vulnerable mental health song and I just want to thank anyone who takes the time to listen," KC said. "I hope it connects with people and can help articulate a sometimes hard-to-describe feeling. If things feel heavy, just know you’re not alone and that it’s okay to ask for help. Life is hard, but worth it.”

This dream team is coming in the year strong with this remarkable release, reinventing the wheel and finding an innovative way to provoke a crucial topic. With love and kindness, their message has been delivered, in hopes of bringing fulfillment to all.

Mark your calendars: on February 3, the ‘Emergence’ tour will officially commence, hitting Webster Hall in New York, followed by 10 more stops across North America. Many will be joining him on this tour, featuring his drum 'n bass alias ÆON:MODE.

Stream Heaven out now on Monstercat!


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