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A multigenre adventure: Hairitage drops first official KAYZO remix on Welcome Records

'CYBER DETHHH' takes on a new meaning: Good things come in threes & our bearded hero came out swinging with a heavy track that has trap, dubstep and techno.

Quentin Hairintino strikes again. Known for his unique, trappy drums and brain-rattling bass, the Hairitage remix of KAYZO's CYBER DETHHH is no different.

We are introduced to the first drop with some signature Hairitage trap drums and we are reminded what's in his locker, with both dubstep and trap influence on full display.

Listeners receive chops of the original drop by KAYZO and a strong brass section before we are launched into full-scale chaos for a second drop.

The second drop left us awestruck with an excellent re-working of the original track's drop and a nice, tongue-in-cheek sample of the world's longest "yeah boi" as we are launched with another build up into the third drop.

One of the strong suits of this track was it's versatility and we got the third genre in the third drop. Venturing into a new territory, Hairitage made the most of the hard dance drop to round this one out.

Hairitage told us that he was excited to do this remix for KAYZO, a legend of the community.

"Kayzo is, and always has been, such a visionary in dance music, and I’m so excited to finally showcase my spin on this absolute banger," Hairitage said.

KAYZO released his junior album NEW BREED via his imprint, Welcome Records, back in June 2022. Since then, the 20-track album has amassed over 5 million streams and endless buzz for blending dubstep and rock elements seamlessly together.

We'll be keeping an eye on Welcome Records for more NEW BREED remixes and we suggest you do the same.


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