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Ace Aura, NAZAAR, Dani King release chilling future riddim track 'I'll Be Waiting' on Monstercat

Hop in babe, we're going crying.

Ace Aura and NAZAAR released their first collab, I'll Be Waiting, a future riddim inspired journey with Dani King on vocals, out now on Monstercat.

While NAZAAR and Ace Aura are both known for their artistic versatility, neither of them had released a song quite like this before. Sure, Ace Aura is known for his virtuosic ability to produce color bass. NAZAAR is known for his ability to make anything and everything, but particularly his heavy music.

Ace Aura routinely releases color bass, much like this song. However, what makes this song special instrumentally is the switch in genres after the first drop. We go from a melodic riddim drop into a trance section of the song, which was not on our 2023 bingo card for either of these producers.

Beyond that, the record has a harrowing vocal by Dani King. The California-based vocalist is known for her prolific nature—she's released four tracks already this year with several others on the way. One thing you can always expect from a Dani King vocal is raw emotion and energy, and this track is no different. The track is incredibly emotional as an instrumental, but the lyrics are more uplifting than you would expect. Dani King told us a little bit about her creative process to write the lyrics for I'll Be Waiting.

“Ace Aura and NAZAAR reached out to me with the instrumental, wanting to create a song called “I’ll Be Waiting.” They gave me creative freedom to come up with the lyrical content, and based on their production I wanted this to be more uplifting than sad, Dani King said. I wanted the idea to not come from desperation, but based around the idea that you’ve found your person. I was inspired by my partner in life, who has always been a grounding force in my life.”

Ace Aura said the idea of a collab was born after him and NAZAAR played a show together in Texas.

“NAZAAR and I played a show together a couple years back in Austin, TX and decided we wanted to work on a track together. He then sent me a melodic idea he had started and then I worked on it and fleshed it out a bit, but it kinda just sat there for a long time, Ace Aura said. We had realized what the song was missing was a good vocal, so we reached out to Dani and she was most definitely the missing piece!”

NAZAAR echoed a similar sentiment, and said the collab had been in the works for a long time.

“‘I’ll Be Waiting’ has been in the works for nearly 2 years now! I sent the concept for the collab over to Eric, and after a few months of back and forth we finally got to a stage where we knew something was missing, NAZAAR said. That’s when we contacted Dani to help us. Dani is a person we knew through common connections, and both of us had heard many songs from her, and just knew she’d be the perfect fit.”

Both producers will be busy on the touring circuit in the coming months of 2023. Ace Aura is on his Crystal Coalition tour and NAZAAR will be playing Excision's Paradise Blue festival in Mexico in just a few short weeks.

It is more of the same for Dani King, who will have a list of collabs longer than the end credits of a major motion picture by the end of the year.

To hear more about the Ace Aura project, his thoughts on Star Wars and more about I'll Be Waiting, check out the most recent episode of Dustin's Discoveries.


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