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Bass legend Badklaat unleashes four intricate songs on Rude Service

The pioneer who brought us some of our favorite dubstep songs is back with a forward-thinking EP.

There are some artists who will always have a special place in our heart. For us, Badklaat is among the dubstep legends who we've seen carve the scene into what it is today.

This time, he's reinforcing why his mastery of sound design will live on forever.

The Boombox EP was just released on Bear Grillz's imprint, Rude Service, and it features four fresh tunes that span various sects of the bass music realm.

Most notably, Badklaat is considered one of the masters of remixes. He's known for songs like G Shit (Badklaat Remix) and Pit Boss (Badklaat Remix), but he's also got some slammers on old NSD Black Label.

The Boombox EP ties together filth of the old and intricacy of the new. Three of the songs are heavy in nature: 2607, Boombox (the title track) and Xenon. While the last tune, Obsidian, leans more into drum and bass styles.

Boombox is one of those songs that helps us envision our mosh pit fantasies. It features the clean, high-pitched squeaks in the background while catchy vocals slice through the drops "Now you see me, now you're dead."

The second drop of Boombox is what really sent us, though. It has an ominous build that leaves you questioning what sort of massive drop could come next. It hits so hard that we've immediately transported into a heavy dream world of dubstep, curing any sort of post-festival depression we may have had the week after Lost Lands.

Boombox EP Tracklist





Rude Service has grown quickly over the last few years. Not only have they carved a niche for supporting upcoming bass all stars like Stryer, FOCUSS and AlienPark, but they showcase some big fish, too.

We've had an ongoing investigation into Bear Grillz because of his relentless dedication to growing the dubstep scene, both from the ground up and the top down.


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