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Montreal welcomes Excision, HOL!, Calcium, Stoned Level to end 2022

Is Battlefields the new Bass Ship? This brand-new event is breaking rails in the 'bass capital of the world'.

On the second-to-last day of 2022, the Canadian bass capital will host Battlefields; a new, one-night event at the Olympic Stadium.

After their last appearance this past summer in Montreal at Ilesoniq Festival; Excision, Zomboy and Barely Alive are coming back for this crazy night — but they won’t be alone.

Calcium and HOL! are joining the lineup, as well as Chassi and Muerte who are making their first debut in Montreal. Finally, the Montreal/Laval local superstar, Stoned Level, will be joining the already epic lineup.

Many consider Battlefields to be the new version of Bass Ship. For those not familiar with the name, the fifth and last Bass Ship Montreal hosted was in December 2019.

It presented a legendary lineup, including a Disciple B2B with 12th Planet, Virtual Riot and Barely Alive, another B2B from Bear Grillz, Dion Timmer and Dubloadz, as well as the unique SLANDER B2B KAYZO set (there is no such thing as too many B2Bs).

With Bass Ship holding the previous title as one of the biggest bass shows in Montreal, Battlefields will challenge that with its heavy lineup. That being said, Montreal’s bass community cannot contain its excitement for what’s to come.

The first wave of GA tickets just dropped and people are rushing to get them, so make sure to grab one before they sell out! You can get them by using Battlefields’ linktree or via Evenko’s website.

If you're looking to end 2022 with a bang or simply want to break your neck, Battlefields is the place to be in Canada!


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