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bd hbt brings the heat with ‘Cut Off’ on Subsidia's Dusk Vol. 4

The young trap lord delivers on unique sound design in his latest release

From a hypnotizing introduction to a heavy-hitting drop, bd hbt just released what might be the largest trap banger we've heard all year.

In his return to Subsidia Records, bd hbt's larger-than-life solo release titled Cut Off has us hyped AF about the future of his innovative sound.

Los Angeles based bd hbt is no stranger to Subsidia Records, he previously released selecta with the young legends Blurrd Vzn on Dusk Vol. 2. And earlier this year, he dropped Test with MSFT on the legendary Quality Good Records via Quality Goods Records Compilation 005. While he has published just two releases so far this year, his innovative production style is just getting started.

I had the chance to speak with Sam Delgado about what this track means to him and what it was like working with the label. We also talked about what he's most excited about with shows and fests coming back, and a sneek peek of what we can expect for the rest of the year.

Sam said that this track represents a very important time, not just for himself, but for all of us during the pandemic.

“When under quarantine, I spent a lot of time trying to expand my sound pallet.” Sam called it "soul searching" for what he truly wanted to hear. After a couple weeks of searching, Cut Off was born.

He also spoke very highly of the Subsidia team in the process of getting both Cut Off song and selecta on the label.

“Subsidia is a phenomenal label to work with. For my first release, I submitted songs to their demo submission email,” But he said for Cut Off, however, the Subsidia team contacted him directly.

Shoutout the Subsidia team for constantly seeking out upcoming talent and giving the lesser-known names a chance to showcase their art.

With shows basically back in business, I asked Sam what he's most excited about.

“I am simply most excited about getting to surround myself around people again.” This is hella relatable, and something that all of us are looking forward to. He also said that live shows have always been his biggest form of inspiration and that it feels great to finally be back in that environment.

Finally, Sam hinted at what he has in store for for the rest of 2021. He kept it simple in saying, “Lots of new music with lots of really cool people. Get ready.” All we have to say to that is, BRING IT.

Be sure to check him out on June 26 in Tempe Arizona at SBASS X along side Ruvlo, Blurrd Vzn, Yojas, and CNTRLLA.

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