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Jorge Toscano and Kause drop long-awaited 'Bad Intentions' on Subsidia

The message is to never give up on chasing your dreams

Coming off a hot start to the year, Jorge Toscano and Kause have finally dropped the song we've been waiting for. Bad Intentions was just released on Subsidia's Night Vol. 4 Compilation, alongside nearly 30 other upcomers that continue to wow us more and more.

The vision for this track is a symbol of progress, and an overall message encouraging persistence to never give up and continue chasing your dreams. The underlying message is that with determination and hard work, you can accomplish anything.

Jorge Toscano is now a three-times Subsidia artist. When Bad Intentions was still a work in progress, Kause had proposed Jorge send it over to the Subsidia team.

"I just envisioned the song being played live at Lost Lands or any Excision show," Kause said. "We manifested it and here we are!"

While Kause brings his love for heavy bass, Jorge brings the melodic and catchy touch. This was their first collaboration together, but they had worked together on other fronts.

"In the studio, we just worked - if I'm not mistaken - the song took about 3-4 sessions and about two bags of Tostitos chips and two jugs of avocado salsa," Jorge said.

The Dubstep FBI team actually first heard this track played out in the Layz mix on Riot Control Radio 031. It was instantly one of our new favorite IDs, so we are looking forward to seeing how everyone likes it after being published on Subsidia.

"The drop had this weird ambience to it that caught my attention, interestingly enough, that drop became the main chorus and breakdown," Jorge said.

"Bad Intentions means a lot to me, it's a collaboration with one of my best friends," Jorge said. "He’s only been producing for a short amount of time, but has been super impressive as of lately he sent me a short melodic idea that he started, and after a couple sessions Bad Intentions was born"

Jorge even noted that he had sent this track to multiple other labels out of impatience. It got rejected by all of them except Subsidia a few weeks later.

"Just goes to show that patience is important especially in this industry," Jorge said. He was the one to jump on the WIP Kause posted on Twitter way back in 2020.

"A couple modifications/scraps here and there and the collab came to be," Kause said.

We are expecting both Kause and Jorge to drop more releases in the near future and are looking forward to seeing what everyone thinks of Bad Intentions.

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