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From glover to producer: SUBCHVRGE lights up the scene

Recent Power Up EP puts him on the FBI's Most Wanted List

The Filthy Beat Inspectors are always listening and on the look out for the latest heavy-hitting beats in the bass music community. And recently, the walls of our Melodic Dubstep Division have been housing agents who are always on the lookout for something more...something different.

The Melodic Investigations Playlist has been updated to feature additional selections for your listening pleasure on this Melodic Monday. And this week, we're investigating Seattle-based glover-turned-producer SUBCHVRGE, including his melodic release on Subsidia Records and the tunes of his latest release, the Power Up EP.

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We all know what this past year has felt like and how many heartbreaks we've endured from festival after festival being canceled. With the amount of uncertainty circling the music industry and live performances, the best way to stay up to date is to hear from the artists themselves. We as consumers can only continue to support our favorite artists from the comfort of our socially-distanced living room pits, and soon enough, places like Legend Valley won't seem so far away.

I initially knew SUBCHVRGE by his gloving alias, Flow. An EmazingLights promoter, he harnesses the beat of whatever song is playing in that moment and draws you into what seems like another dimension.

Years went by until Dubstep Don Excision (Jeff Abel) finally released his own label; and in 2020, we all got our wish... Subsidia Records was born. Divided into three compilations, the heavy heartstrings of 'Dawn' instantly caught my attention. From the first day that compilation had been released, SUBCHVRGE's Need You Now was a tune that instantly pulled me in and had me snapping my neck while at the same time reaching for the nearest box of tissues.

It all started for SUBCHVRGE one day when Dion Timmer took to Twitter asking if artists had anew new melodic tracks he could listen to, just for the sake of vibing.

"I had finished Need You Now in the stretch of time between the beginning of the year and announcing the SUBCHVRGE project in May, and truthfully, I didn’t think too highly of the song," he said initially. "Iit was one of those songs that I made for fun and didn’t really think was that good. But it was the most melodic song that I had finished up until that point, so I figured 'Hey, there’s no harm in at least sending it to him'."

For me, the chimes and rhythmic bass patterns created a sense of comparison between this and the Spag Heddy remix to 'Home'. Considering a song like Need You Now, I never really knew when I needed it thrust into a set, but the timing always seems impeccable. I am a strong believer that this is a tune you'll want to keep an ear out for when live shows make their inevitable return.

SUBCHVRGE dropped his most recent Power Up EP on Feb. 2, and I was thoroughly impressed. I sent the link to the rest of the Dubstep FBI team and their response was mutual. Instantly, I felt a connection to King CHVRGE as the bellows and face-ripping bass represented perfectly the ideal BassPOD experience for me. With so much time spent on a project like this, I had to wonder if there was a particular part that brought more joy or frustration to the building process.

"Backhand is probably one of my favorites," he said. "I had so much fun with the sound design in that one, and the flow is something I really enjoyed listening to over and over as I was writing it. I also really like the last track KING CHVRGE. Both of those songs encapsulate what I aim to have the heavier side of my project sound like and entail as the years go on."

We often look for artists who can excel with a variety of sounds and SUBCHVRGE is no different. Within a period of four months, the release of both a melodic single (on arguably the fastest growing record label in dance music right now) and an entire EP with polar opposite energies show his sound diversity and ability to captivate audiences within both vibes.

A SUBCHVRGED path ahead

We're expecting some big projects to come from SUBCHVRGE, including cross-cutting sample packs and track breakdowns on his YouTube channel.

He recently featured a complete breakdown of the song Backhand, which allowed us to see how the mind of a rising star works to compose such a heater track.

Just a couple of days ago, SUBCHVRGE also blessed the community with his latest remix for 'The Last Time', a release by Excision, Whales and Riell off the latest Dawn compilation from Subsidia Records.

At this point, the man is just flexing and I'm here for all of it. The perfect blend of filth and melodic drops, this remix is a perfect example of something that I didn't know I truly needed, and can't wait to see it pop up in sets to come.

"I’m hoping that whoever just happens to come across my music in the future will at least give it a try and see what it’s about. I feel like that’s all I can do as a creative: Put my art out into the world, and hope people rock with it, whatever that art maybe."

From a Dawn release with softer feels to an EP this heavy and bass face-worthy, SUBCHVRGE is primed for success in the near future and we here at Dubstep FBI will be keeping a close eye.

We are always listening...


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