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LAYZ proves why the future is female

She went 0 to 100 real quick — Seeing other women succeed channels the Dubstep FBI mission

From her first live stream guest spot to signing with United Talent Agency, LAYZ has completed her first moon-shot transformation in just one year. We sat down with Leyla Ali as she spilled the tea on upcoming collabs, industry secrets, and more.

"It's crazy knowing your dream is finally coming true," she said.

Ever since we worked with Leyla on our All-Ladies Twitch Live Stream back in April 2020, she's been doing something new every single week. Whether it be playing a drive-in, dropping merch, doing live streams, or signing on with an agency we love to see other women in the scene hustle.

So much has changed.

We first discovered her on social media; Instagram to be exact. Yesi recruited her to play one of our first livestream events, and she immediately had us opening the living room pit. That first impression was everything because she's only progressed more as a producer and DJ since then.

Quarantine for some people was a blessing, and being able to focus on her craft as a full-time student working a full-time job in D.C. really showed us who is boss.

She talked more about how United Talent Agency will be doing all her show bookings.

"That was a huge step in my career, being able to have Max Freeman on my team is huge," Leyla said. "I'm excited to see what we are going to do after COVID."

Her first dubstep drive-in was a b2b with Kliptic; they opened for Subtronics in Butler, Pennsylvania. Then, she played a show with Riot Ten, Sullivan King, Decadon, and Brondo in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

"It's like we are making history, I've never seen this before," she said.

She also gave the FBI fam a shoutout, hinting at another project we have in the works.

"Whenever you guys have these Riot Control Radio mixes, those help me get through my workouts."

Spoiler alert: Layz will be featured on Riot Control Radio the week of March 19. Brace yourselves and stay locked.

She's got collabs featuring Badfella, Vastive, and many more in the works.

We've been on the Layz beat for nearly a year now and one thing's for certain — the future is female.

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