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Dani King's rise to one of the scene's respected multi-faceted singers

Her hustle attitude is contagious

We sat down with pop singer and songwriter Dani King to chat about what it's like to be a woman in the electronic dance music (EDM) scene and who she's working with on huge upcoming collabs.

Dani King has been on an exciting come-up -- she recently dropped Gemini with Omas, Royalty with Shyloom and Kabes on Subsidia Records and an insane collab titled Heartless with Swarm.

She's a talented vocalist, audio engineer and booking agent who sounds like liquid dreams. She is not just a vocalist - but so much more.

"Doing a bunch of different things is important so you don't just get stuck doing one," she said. "Being able to take on vocal production, podcast editing, and I'm planning on starting a Patreon to have lessons on songwriting. It's trying to make sure I have multiple sources of music I can monetize and turn into a career."

Her hustle resonated with us because she's chasing her dreams, which is one of the Dubstep FBI core values. We talked about how it is motivating to see other women in the industry succeed.

Her favorite microphone setup includes a WA87, a little isolation shield, and she's working on a Focus Rite audio interface but will be upgrading to an Apollo later this year.

Dani King is set to have a massive 2021, we are expecting more huge releases from her in the near future. Check out the full interview on the Dubstep FBI YouTube channel.

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