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NEOTEK: Crafting the future of bass music

How an Australian producer is revolutionizing the bass music scene and captivating fans worldwide

At Dubstep FBI, we’re always on the lookout for the most innovative and influential artists in the scene. Our latest investigation has led us to NEOTEK, a futuristic bass music producer from Australia who’s quickly becoming a household name. With the support of industry giants like Zeds Dead, ILLENIUM, NGHTMRE, Excision, and DJ Diesel, NEOTEK is making waves with his unique sound and immersive storytelling.

NEOTEK’s journey began as a quest for identity. Dissatisfied with his previous alias, he decided to reinvent himself, seeking a name and style that resonated deeply with his vision.

"NEOTEK was created as an alter ego of me and the artworks with the character in it portray different parts of his life," NEOTEK said. "The NEOTEK character is all throughout the brand and has evolved over time. He sometimes feels lonely amongst the busy streets and populated cities but is working on his escape from the fast paced life."

This theme is woven into every aspect of his brand, from the high-energy dubstep beats to the captivating visuals.

The journey to becoming NEOTEK wasn’t a straightforward path. Initially operating under a different alias, NEOTEK realized that the name lacked meaning and visibility. He took a step back to reimagine his musical identity.

"It took years to find the direction I wanted to go with my music, but ever since I started, I knew this was what I wanted to do," he explains.

Collaborating with visual artist ‘Srrnder’ from the beginning, NEOTEK has crafted a world that reflects his vision of the future. "My visual artist ‘Srrnder’ is instrumental to this process and has worked with me from the start to bring my vision to life which I'm very grateful for," he shares. Together, they’ve built a cyberpunk-inspired universe full of blues and purples, providing a vivid backdrop for his music.

Starting on Ableton in 2016 at just 15 years old, NEOTEK’s sound has evolved significantly. He describes it as "high energy Dubstep with Trap and Melodic elements," blending genres to create something uniquely his own. Over the years, his music has become progressively heavier, reflecting his dynamic approach and constant experimentation. Despite these changes, his commitment to creating top-notch music remains unwavering.

2024 promises to be the biggest year yet for NEOTEK. He’s gearing up for a US tour around Lost Lands, marking his first gig in America. This tour is a significant milestone for NEOTEK, and we can't wait to see the impact he makes stateside.

Before heading stateside, NEOTEK will perform his debut headline show in Sydney on July 5th. This show will likely be his last in Australia before embarking on his US journey. Grab your tickets before they sell out.

As he continues to push the boundaries, we at Dubstep FBI are excited to see where his journey takes him. Whether you’re a fan of dubstep or a bass producer seeking inspiration, NEOTEK’s story is a reminder of the endless possibilities within the world of music.


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