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Hot Girl Era: Lucii talks mental health, women in the industry & rumors

We met up w/ Lucii before her set at Goldrush to get the inside scoop on her new album & balancing life as an artist.

Being a woman in a male-dominated industry is hard; between the rumors of ghost production and the lack of overall respect, Lucii is no stranger to these hardships.

We wanted to know how she’s worked through it all, from the beginning to where she is now. In the past, there have been rumors that Lucii was sleeping with someone to make her music, which she now takes as a compliment.

“[My] music was trash back then, and if you think a top-dog was making my music – that’s not happening."

On top of the rumors, we discussed the stigma of not dressing “too sexy” so people in the industry would take you seriously. Lucii recently said, “f*ck that” after her last break up and decided her big t-shirt, modest era was over.

Our reporter, Jess (@fullsend_raver), on-site with Lucii.

It is now time for her Hot Girl Era. Low-rise pants are a staple in the Lucii festival closet – and we are here for it!

Beyond the drama, Lucii has finally broken free of a contract that was preventing her music from being released for the last two years. An album that she wanted to drop last fall is finally being released next year, comprised of all originals.

By now, everyone on social media has probably heard clips of Sleeping Pills (dropping October 25), but hearing it live at Goldrush a goosebump-raising experience for our team.

Lucii even hinted at a slight transition, and asked us to stay on the lookout after her album drops. While her dubstep sets aren’t going anywhere, we may start to see a new era of Lucii on stage, channeled around a pop-energy.

As most people know, Lucii is a big advocate for mental health and taking care of yourself above all else.

We wanted to know how she continues to learn to balance the life of an artist and taking care of her mental and physical well-being.

Between therapy, chiropractor visits and small, self-care treatments, she’s doing what she can to keep herself elevated. Lucii admits there will never be a perfect balance to the craziness of the industry, but she’s doing her best to remain open and vulnerable to her fans about mental heal.

Before we sent her off to prepare for her set, we had to know… what can fans expect to see in 2023?

Without skipping a beat, she said we’ll be seeing a lot more expression of her sexuality with the new era of Lucii.

In the beginning of her career, there had been some internal fear about being labeled as a gay artist, but she’s ready to finally be her full self within her music.

We got to hear what she meant about expressing her sexuality more in her music with her song, Girlfriend, dropping next year. She’s been teasing this one out on socials recently, so go take a peek at her TikTok for some clips of the song.

With a few stops left on her In/Between tour, we highly recommend catching one of her shows/sets in your city. We have a feeling 2023 will be the biggest year for Lucii yet!

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