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Marauda opens the death pit on the Filthy Beat Inspectors podcast

He hinted at big collabs, dropped the deets on his rebrand and more

In a revealing episode of the Filthy Beat Inspectors podcast, the Dubstep FBI asked Marauda the hard questions. Not only did he drop the details on a few in-the-works collaborations, but he told us the intriguing story of what it was like to rebrand in only five days.

Based out of Australia, Marauda has become a household name over the last few years. His larger-than-life tracks were played out at almost every festival pre-COVID-19. His anthems like Death Pit and Ruckus featuring Trampa launched him into the spotlight in one of the quickest rises to dubstep fame we have ever seen.

Also known as Hamish Prasad, Marauda spoke modestly, saying he still considers himself to be "underground." We asked if he could hint at any collaborations in the works:

"I've got a Subtronics one, Scarlxrd, Slander," he said, as we literally freaked out on camera. "I think... Carnage."

When he dropped Carnage's name, we had to ask more. "I think what he said was a little misconstrued." He was referencing recent drama and controversial remarks made by Carnage on social media in February.

We also couldn't help but ask him to clear the air on his rebrand from Mastodon to Marauda.

"I'm not really allowed to go into detail, but I got a letter saying that I needed to change my name in five days," he said. "It was super stressful. I made a Word doc with 50 or so names, I wasn't fully set on Marauda, but it was the least sh*tty one on the list."

He hinted at a few upcoming shows this year, too. While he couldn't reveal the location of upcoming bookings in the United States, he did say he has one coming up in Brisbane - which we already know is going to be lit AF.

Listen to the full podcast episode with Marauda on Spotify, Audius, Apple, Google, Amazon or anywhere you get your podcasts. Stay locked for more big guests coming up on season 2 of the Filthy Beat Inspectors.

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