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Transporting into Jinx World on Riot Control Radio

It's Jinx's world, we're just living in it

From energetic shows to international labels -- Noel Palmer has us all under her spell. Since we last spoke in the Fall of 2020, she's been making moves that can't help but grab national attention. She just blessed the FBI's ears with a filthy set for episode 033 of Riot Control Radio.

As a Florida native, Jinx has been showing up every single day with something new. We've seen her come out swinging on the Couch Lands Subsidia Takeover Stream last September and recently appear on the Abduction lineup by Insomniac. She's one of the hottest energizer bunnies in dubstep right now and there's no stopping her as we head into the first festival season since 2019.

She first jumped into the EDM scene in 2013, but has always been into music. From playing acoustic guitar to singing for her church choir, early EDM inspirations came from Krewella.

"I remember thinking, 'I could only imagine myself up there,'" Jinx said. "And now you see this little ball of energy hopping around stages."