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Felmax's new single continues to bring anime-inspired heat

Heavy trap is Felmax’s forte, as shown in 'Tobi'

Felmax has reliably been dropping heavy slappers, and today is no different. He continues to bring the filth we deserve with another anime-inspired track titled, Tobi, released on Kinphonic Records.

Based in Vegas, Felmax has been on our radar this past year, recently released a mind-slicing EP titled Seventh Form on Kinphonic. Seventh Form featured a collab with Blosso and was covered earlier this month on On top of that, he released two more on Subsidia Records earlier in 2021: Dual Blade with Blvk Sheep and Hot Pursuit with Gladez.

Tobi, based on the Naruto Shippuden character of Obito Uchiha