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SHARPS makes long-awaited return with ‘Hit 'Em’

He 'fell back in love with creating,' which is what we love to see

After nearly a year away recharging mentally and physically, SHARPS just dropped a larger-than-life festival banger that has us dying to get back in the pit.

Hit 'Em leads his long-awaited return to the dubstep scene, being the first of what we expect to be many aggressively futuristic bangers on the docket in 2021.

SHARPS is known for tracks like God Damn, Drop It with Jiqui, Evacuate with Whales and Mutant with the young legend Moore Kismet on Never Say Day Records. He also dropped the Invasion EP on Never Say Die back in 2019, which has been on repeat in our playlists ever since.

The moment we heard about upcoming SHARPS releases on the horizon, we all knew he was going to bring the heat with this first one back. We had the opportunity to chat with Winson about his break, mindset and what more we can expect from him this year.

“It was very hard for me to disconnect from the music industry and the stress that comes along with it which often takes a toll on me mentally,” SHARPS said.

It's respectable to see artists step away when they need it the most. Recharging mentally and physically seems to be the theme of the last year, and SHARPS is no different.

During the break, he said he learned to have fun while producing again. He got into music to express himself creatively, as well as having an escape from the everyday stresses. He said he “was able to fall back in love with creating,” which is what we love to see.

He also talked about how Hit 'Em is incredibly important to him. He knew that when he gonna make his comeback that he wanted to start off with a bang.

“When writing this song, I had nothing but huge festival crowds on the brain,” SHARPS said. He mentioned that he honestly can’t wait to see the pits open up when this drops -- which is the general theme inside the FBI Headquarters after blasting this song on repeat today.

Finally, I asked him what we can expect for the rest of the year. He said he is excited to expand more outside of dubstep while still keeping the SHARPS style. Of course, we can expect a ton of new music, including a huge EP with some massive collaborations.

We can’t wait to open up the pit to this track during festival season and our extremely excited to see the return of SHARPS and can’t wait to see what else he’s got for us.

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