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Blosso and Phocust bring modern UK vibes to life with 'Moving On' on Circus Records

Blosso and Phocust talk EDM's future, life on the Insomniac roster, and collabing across countries

Two melodic minds just came together on Circus Records -- Blosso and Phocust's creation Moving On shows why both artists are here to stay. As a lead up to Blosso's latest EP drop on Circus Records, the two easily blend Blosso's eastern style with Phocust's signature melodic wobbles.

We sat down with Phocust and Blosso to talk more about the collab details and the future of EDM.

While there's been an uptick in new types of dubstep and bass music subgenres, we've seen Phocust lead the way with future styles of melodic music.