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Blosso and Phocust bring modern UK vibes to life with 'Moving On' on Circus Records

Blosso and Phocust talk EDM's future, life on the Insomniac roster, and collabing across countries

Two melodic minds just came together on Circus Records -- Blosso and Phocust's creation Moving On shows why both artists are here to stay. As a lead up to Blosso's latest EP drop on Circus Records, the two easily blend Blosso's eastern style with Phocust's signature melodic wobbles.

We sat down with Phocust and Blosso to talk more about the collab details and the future of EDM.

While there's been an uptick in new types of dubstep and bass music subgenres, we've seen Phocust lead the way with future styles of melodic music.

"If you would have asked me a year or two ago if there would ever be any sort of Melodic Dubstep (other than Virtual Riot) on bigger labels like Disciple, NSD, etc. I would have probably laughed at you."

He said the Melodic Riddim/Future Riddim trend is on the rise -- we're all very excited to see where else it goes and what other bigger artists catch on. A few examples that this trend is here to stay include Insomniac's new future sound-based label Lost in Dreams and the success of Halcyon, started by Oolacile in 2020.

Phocust's signature sound shines by blending wobbly music with melodic dubs, and his style can be coined as fun, silly and not too serious.

He also played as support for Wooli and Ace Aura at the Insomniac Park 'N Rave in January, which actually has a funny story.

Phocust didn't know he was going to play the show until the day-of. He'd originally just been planning to be the ride for Ace Aura, another Melodic Riddim Man and household name the FBI fam has been watching - Eric Seall.

"On the way to Wooli's house before the show, Eric randomly says, 'Hey Tyler, do you have your USBs on you?'"

Obviously he answered yes, as many producers do carry their USBs on-person nowadays.

"He said, 'Good cause we need an opener for the show!' I was speechless and thought of how crazy the timing was because I just finished my song 'HONKER' for this exact type of show," Phocust said. "I originally was told I would have a 30-minute set to open the show so I had time to put together some music. As we arrived, they asked me if I was ready to play the first hour."

Being thrown off would be nerve-wracking, to say the least. But we knew how well the set went after just a few minutes in, our friends had been sending us snapchats of the Phocust set live, him throwing down in LA.

On the other hand, Blosso confessed that he hadn't worked with the Circus Team for long since their relationship started with a simple demo submission.

He said there's not much of a scene for bass music in Korea at the moment, but he's worked to try and create a community around it with other like-minded artists.

"There are still many talented producers in Asia like Papa Khan, Nuushi, Zeol and so on," Blosso said. "I still believe that EDM scene in Asia can make their movement and it's quite close."

Vigor, kindness, and persistence -- these are the qualities of outstanding producers. The FBI will be watching Phocust and Blosso this year to see how far their clear sight and energetic attitudes take them.

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