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Felmax slices minds with "Seventh Form" EP

He takes no prisoners, dropping three anime-inspired tracks on Kinphonic Records

Fresh off a collab with Blvk Sheep that dropped on Subsidia's Dusk Vol. 3 last week, Felmax is forging forward with a righteous fury as his Seventh Form EP just went live.

The title track, Seventh Form, comes from one of his favorite anime/mangas: Demon Slayer. While watching it, Felmax noticed that the intro to Seventh Form fit perfectly with the anime. This was also his seventh song with Blosso, which led to the name.

For Sentinels, Felmax took inspiration from the X-Men comics and show.

"This song actually means a lot to me because I feel like I broke a barrier in my production with this one, I learned things that I've applied to every song since and it's probably one of my favorite tunes I've ever made."

The last track on the EP, Rinnegan, also comes from an anime, in this case it's an homage to the character of Obito from Naruto Shippuden.

"Growing up, I used to read the comics and in the '90s, I loved the animated series

and one of the big threats to them were the Sentinels," he said. "If you've seen

Days of Future Past or have seen the series or read any of the comics, you know exactly how crazy it gets with the Sentinels. Once I made the first eight bars of the drop, I just saw the Sentinel imagery in my head and HAD to go with it!"

Based in Las Vegas, Felmax is no stranger to the dance scene, receiving support from artists like Excision, Illenium, Yellow Claw, Funtcase and more. He has released tracks on several labels including Dim Mak, Kannibalen Records and Barong Family. Most recently he released two tracks with Subsidia, a collab with Blvk Sheep titled Dual Blade, and his collab with Gladez Hot Pursuit. 2021 appears to be the year of extremely heavy hitters for this artist, and his latest EP is no exception.

"This whole EP for me was just a big level up in my production and I am beyond proud of this body of work," Felmax said. "Big s/o to the whole team at Kinphonic for believing in my vision and helping me push this EP."

Felmax is assuredly an artist to keep an eye on as he continues to progress and release songs that get one's blood boiling and move you to headbang without a care.

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