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BLVNKSPVCE is on a sick one with new self-release, 'Cynical'

A taste different than his usual, BLVNKSPVCE has delivered something heavier & more headbangy with this new dubstep single.

blvnkspvce live and single art

Shooting at our speakers like an asteroid headed toward Earth, BLVNKSPVCE shows no signs of slowing down in 2024.

The factor causing this collision?

Cynical, the latest self-release from your favorite long-haired, underground producer. His single is hot off the press, and we can't help but admire its cutting-edge features. It's a fireball of production that showcases the flexibility in his musical skills.

BLVNKSPVCE is coming off a Denver performance at the Bluebird Theater, where a sold-out crowd consumed his set with vigor as he was direct support for Calcium.

We issued him a citation for causing mass destruction in the historic venue. He was forced to explain how this new song, Cynical, came to be.

"My main inspiration when writing Cynical was to make something a bit heavier and more headbangy than my usual music, while keeping all the same weird/glitchy elements I’ve always used," BLVNKSPVCE said.

And while it's different from the mouth-watering riddim you may be used to, we think that Cynical will quench those thirsts. BLVNKSPVCE said that as of late, he is steering his music down a new avenue.

blvnkspvce at academy LA

"My newer music [is] a bit more aggressive, while sticking to my roots in being fun and groovy with weird fills and effects," BLVNKSPVCE said.

We sense he's been perfecting this progressive sound design for a while.

BLVNKSPVCE spent 2023 playing all over North America, most notably at Summoning of the Eclipse Festival in Tennessee last October. He and HAMRO went b2b for a fabled cave performance that lives rent free in our heads.

BLVNKSPVCE also went b3b with ARTIX! and SQISHI at DubStation Massacre where a slammed room of high-knee heroes begged for more. Not only is he known for those crazy live performances, but he also posts insane ID clips on socials that satiate the community thirst.

BLVNKSPVCE is officially on the Dubstep FBI's Most Wanted for 2024, due to the illegal sound design and conniving drops behind Cynical's criminal trail. Listen and learn for yourself on Spotify.


Dubstep FBI CEO & Co-Founder ccmichelle can be found on socials.

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