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Get ready to boogie at one of America's most iconic concert venues

On April 8, Boogie T will be headlining at Red Rocks Amphitheatre with SoDown, Minnesota, BOOGIE T.RIO, KHIVA and bàwldy.

Joined by some iconic artists including SoDown, Minnesota, Khiva, and bàwldy, Boogie T returns to Colorado. He is no stranger to Red Rocks and has had a fair share of performances at this venue; we couldn't have been more excited when he announced his headline debut.

Not only will we see Boogie T's headlining performance to close the night out, he will also be performing a stunning sunset set with his band Boogie T.RIO.

Consisting of Boogie T on vocals/guitar/keys, Frank 'Animal Drums' Castro on drums, and Andriu Yanovski on keyboard and synth bass, this performance will be one jam-packed masterpiece. The FBI advises arriving early and not missing any of these sets!

Check out our most recent interview with the legend himself!

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