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BTSM Portals Tour starts this month at Ultra Miami, ends with fall Red Rocks finale

In comes a new album tour with limited feature dates and curated visuals from Black Tiger Sex Machine.

Among all the excitement of BTSM's upcoming "Portals" album, fans now have a limited, 10-show American tour to attend. The first date of the recently announced "Portals" Tour will be held at Ultra Miami on March 25, 2023, and the last date will take place at Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater in Morrison, Colorado.

This tour will be bringing a hot set of "Portals-curated" visuals on the road (sneak peek below).

BTSM has stated that while they will have plenty of shows and festival dates this year, fans may only be able to catch the "Portals" experience at one of these 10 dedicated tour dates. They will be playing massive shows at venues like the The Armory, Brooklyn Mirage, San Jose Civic Center and more.

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Sneak Peak of Special "Portals" Visual

With the upcoming shows and music, this will be BTSM's third overall album-and-tour combined release since 2020! That's when they began their curated, visual journey for the "Futuristic Thriller" album deemed the "Movie Experience."

Since then, they have also released "Once Upon A Time In A Cyber World" which also came with a curated visual tour in 2022.

To say BTSM has really been putting in the work over the last few years would be saying the bare minimum. Their curated sets have the scene ready for the next experience at the end of each year.

Photo by Rukes

While the buzz continues to grow, we couldn't be more excited for the tour's finale and BTSM's return to Red Rocks on October 22nd.

BTSM made their Red Rocks headline debut in October of 2021. Unfortunately, last years tour didn't feature a Red Rocks date, however, their long awaited return will soon be over. Our agents will be listening as investigations on the rocks take place.

Get your Red Rocks tickets here: BTSM @ Red Rocks

While an official release date for the album has yet to be announced BTSM have stated the album release is to be expected in October of 2023.

Want a taste of what to expect from the album and tour? BTSM have released their first single from the album Die a God with Waisu on their imprint, Kannibalen Records. Trust us you need to blast this one. We are certain this release is just a drop in the ocean of what's to come from BTSM in 2023.


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