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CAB just dropped an impromptu remix pack of his NITERAVE release

The up-and-coming producer is featuring two whole new takes on the precocious track.

San Marcos based trap producer, CAB, just dropped an impromptu remix pack of his latest single, NITERAVE. The young trap virtuoso has been infiltrating the genre over the last two years and this latest release is an exemplification of his next-level production skills and astounding potential.

NITERAVE, released last January, encapsulates the very essence of the trap genre and its latest remixes attest to the versatility of the original track. The pack contains a house remix and a uptempo remix, each by NECTANZA and RAW, respectively. Both remixes are brimming with energy and intensify what's already a powerhouse of a track.

A member of the esteemed Sable Valley label, headed by RL Grime, CAB's well deserved recognition signals a new force to be reckoned with in the trap scene. His tracks seamlessly blend into his growing discography, setting the foundation for a truly distinctive body of work.

CAB first caught our attention with his single, Thermal, on Hex Cougar’s second Alter/Ego compilation released last year. Most notably, his collab with Jon Casey, FUEL, has garnered the attention of many key players in the trap genre, including RL Grime.

CAB has been on the move as of late - hitting up cities like Austin, Denver and Seattle while playing support for fellow trap artists, Rossy & FrostTop. Having garnered the support of some of the biggest names in the modern trap scene, it's safe to say CAB is certainly one to watch out for in the coming months.


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